August 10, 2016

Research Projects


1. Measurement of spelling ability: Construction and validation of the Components of Spelling Test: Non-word Version
This study extends on the findings of my doctoral research on instruction and assessment in spelling in the primary school years. The focus of this study is on spelling assessment. The study involves the design and validation of a non-word (or ‘pseudo word’) measure of spelling performance. Building from the development and testing of the Components of Spelling (CoST): Real-word Version (Daffern, Mackenzie & Hemmings, 2015), a non-word version of the CoST has been designed and is currently undergoing field testing and empirical validation.

2. Children’s comprehension of print-based texts and computer-based texts
Children are increasingly interacting with computer-based texts (CBTs), prompting reconsideration of what it means to be a literate reader and what reading instruction and assessment in schools should entail. At the same time, assessment programs, such NAPLAN, are moving toward CBT formats. This study will identify and describe student performance on reading tasks in a static print-based format and a computer-based format. The results will inform developments in curriculum and assessment in reading comprehension. In addition, the findings will help school-based educators provide targeted support in reading so that children can maximise their literacy achievements in this digital age.