Tax Invoice


PO Box 4206
Shellharbour NSW 2529

ABN: 18 516 012 857

Tax Invoice Number INV-202451
Order Number 202451
Tax Invoice Date May 26, 2024
Due Date June 28, 2024
Total Due $220.00
St. Joseph’s Primary School, Tenterfield

50 Scott St,
Tenterfield NSW 2372

Jacqueline Wait

Dr Tessa Daffern Online Resources

x2 CoST Dashboards


COPYRIGHT OBLIGATIONS: Access to the CoST Dashboard materials is provided to registered classes for their direct class teaching purpose only. Reproducing, sharing or adapting the materials for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
2 CoST Teacher Dashboard Bundle 1 $100.00$200.00
Sub Total $200.00
GST $20.00
Total Due $220.00